Annie, get your gun.

I came home a little early today, because it's the longest Annie's been on her own—about 7 hours—and I wanted to make sure neither she nor the house … [Read More...]

Little Orphan Annie.

Lost and found

“You can love someone very much, and have them not be the right person for you.” Hard words to say. Impossible words to hear. Killing words. … [Read More...]

A year ago. 7/7.

Saturday. It has been a day of disregarding rules. The no-cuddling rule. This most worthless, … [Read More...]

A year ago. 6/7.

Friday. He’s invited me to a heathenistic, nondenominational solstice party with friends, but has … [Read More...]

A year ago. 5/7.

Thursday. I disabled OKC's chat function not long after joining. For years, one of my biggest … [Read More...]

A year ago. 4/7.

Wednesday. I've started wearing a necklace my parents gave me for my 30th birthday, months … [Read More...]

A year ago. 3/7.

Tuesday. I spend most of the day refreshing OKC, in my browser and on my phone, and while I have … [Read More...]

A year ago. 2/7.

Monday. Less than 24 hours in. Mixed results, which I can sum up in 15 seconds of wobbly … [Read More...]

A year ago. 1/7.

Sunday. I’ve been waiting by the phone for two days. Yesterday was detox day, spent in bed with … [Read More...]

“I’m not an executive, just a writer.”

Kids get into fights about their dads. “My dad could beat up your dad!” “My dad’s smarter than your … [Read More...]