Obama! my bama!

Challenge accepted.

Challenge accepted.

OBAMA! my Bama! swiftly lay your plans;
T’was ne’er a foe so cunning as the sly Republicans;
Your health care’s passed, and now at last we plunge into the fray,
All fists a-swing as Fox News sings, “He wasn’t born here anyway”;
      You must avert your eyes;
        For cable news is full of dreck,
          And everybody lies.

Obama! my bama! our nation writhes in pain;
We do not love our neighbors, we do not know our names;
We cast stones with impunity, the blood we spill our own,
And stare with eyes unseeing through the glass walls of our homes;
    Obama! Where are you?
      Our leaders are not wise,
        And every day is more bad news
          Of how everybody lies.

Obama! my bama! we yearn to change our fate;
The future now is yesterday, the hour’s ever growing late;
Yet still we must not be downcast, our hopes must stay alive;
We long to see the world you dreamed, where evil does not thrive;
    America! Awake and see!
      We are our own demise!
        How can we stand to watch the news
          When everybody lies?

With profound apologies to Walt Whitman.


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