A year ago. 2/7.


Less than 24 hours in. Mixed results, which I can sum up in 15 seconds of wobbly song and a series of swings and misses:

From trying too hard…


…to not trying at all.

Bro have you even seen my eyebrows, they’re a disaster.

But one message, from MTB_Dustin, seems promising.

It’s short, confident but polite, and demonstrates an overlap in our interests.


Oh. He’s cute. Clean-cut, trim, an inch taller and two years older than me, if his vitals are to be believed. It’s hard to tell, but I think he has blue eyes.

He does science of some sort. Same music, and—critically—same books. Lots of overlap on our answers, like, oooh, he knows the Sun is bigger than the Earth, for Pete’s sake. Set that bar high, OKC. Set it on the Moon.

In one photo, he sports a host of facial appliances—ear gauges, labret and septum piercings. In another, he stands in front of a short hill, a backpack hefted over his plaid-flanneled shoulders.

Still another captures the spacious quarters of an aging truck, a blur of green filling the view from the driver’s side window. In the middle ground, he looks straight ahead, at the road. In the foreground, a stocky brindled pit bull lays his chin on the back of the bench seat, sampling the wind through the small rear window. Their companionableness is palpable and appealing.

The OKC algorithm matches us up somewhere in the mid-70th percentile. Not great. But I’ll take my chances.

I return to my inbox and pull up the thread.

Deep breath. Be cool, Moore. Be cool.


“Oh. Why, hello, Dustin. I’m Charlotte.”



  1. dankathoughts says:

    ahahahah! I just joined OkCupid as well, and been blogging about it because i just cant believe how ridiculous it is! I wonder if men go through the same thing as we do?!?

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