About the Vowel

“It’s like a flaming bag of poop on the doorstep of the marketing world.”

Nick Heim
Writer, friend, poop connoisseur

I started The Irritable Vowel in early 2012, after I got tired of writing for morons (and they got tired of me).

At first, I was mostly raging against the preponderance of tepid, re-chewed jargony bullshit spewed on the regular by the marketers, bloggers, and social media “experts” who are theoretically being paid to communicate concisely, thoughtfully, and well. I hate these people, openly and with gusto. I hate what they do, I hate who they are, I hate their widening circle-jerk of incoherent self-congratulation. The Vowel was designed as a vector for my contempt.

Copyright Charlotte Moore 2012.

Oh, don’t act like you don’t do this.

Luckily, I changed everyone’s minds about what they were doing and they were all chastened and best practices prevailed and we all lived happily ever after, the end.*

Now it’s mostly a personal blog. I write about my job and my friends and people I admire and getting turd backsplash in my eye. There’s some stuff about anxiety and uncertainty and all the other things that happen when you live inside your head too much. Plenty of sincerity, but nothing treacly. I don’t do treacly.

To prove it, here is a drawing I did of me on the toilet. That’s where I do all my best work.

Enjoy. And godspeed.

*No one did anything differently.



  1. Your introduction has hooked me. I am not a big fan of blogs in general, to the point where I haven’t started one because I can’t help wondering, “Who gives a crap what I think?” However, this one actually seems like it will be interesting and entertaining and I’m looking forward to starting my perusal. By the way, I stumbled across the cartoon version of you texting while taking a dump, which is what led me here. Take care!

  2. Like a fish, I have gobbled up the bait in the above blurb! “Authenticity”, is the word that comes to mind! Well done, you!!

  3. Pete Winnard says:

    I was here coz Wil Wheaton draw a comic about you !!

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